What is real...
Talk is cheap until you meet - fill in the blanks, try not to cheat..

They Are Running SCARED! Viral Sandy Hook Movie Taken Down AGAIN - Here's The Scoop!

Credit Goes To You Tube Nanny State Censorship Staff - Ya'll Need To Grow A Set...

Sid Vicious
God save the Queen - Rehearsal, Revisited

Note to China and Russia: did you import Depopulation Corn? by Jon Rappoport December 1, 2014 NoMoreFakeNews.com It’s been called contraceptive corn and spermicidal corn. A San Diego company called Epicyte developed it. Here’s a brief backgrounder...

Just Give Me A Reason
The Mommyheads

They Caught The NEW WORLD DISORDER aka Agenda Plenty Dumb
Green Ebola Spider!

Luie Land

Lindsey Stirling

Michael Tsarion - Earth Quarantine

Sara Fara - Popular SYRIAN Singer


Laleh - All Together - Popular Iranian Singer

To Our Countries

A Change Would Do You Good...

When life give you censored ships...

Make mini subs & boats that flip...
Or, just forget the sea, and quit
As if you never gave a shit...

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