Talk is cheap until you meet...

This is important: If you want to win the Ebola Chess Game when it comes marching down your street, make sure you have the right kind of nutrients and vitamins on hand to grease these Nanny State Vampires with... And if they can't hear you PUMP UP THE VOLUME

Nanno Silver 10ppm & Vitamin C Treat Ebola

Treat in this regard seems to be synonymous with 'cure'
So far not one report of ANYONE who got ebola
and got treated with nano silver 10 ppm is known to
have died... but many have recovered

LOGIC 101 and my gut instinct leaves me thinking...
 if you took Vitamin C, Nano Silver 10 ppm, Ate lots of garlic and drank a bottle of moonshine for a week, you'd probably live to see
the next New World Disorder Scam

Vitamin C / Nano Silver 10ppm (treats, stops, kills, bombs the living daylights out of) The Ebola Monster!

(we hope)

At 2:50 in this video, Dr. Rima Laibow begins to explain which type of 'silver water' works and why. Nano Silver 10ppm is claimed to prevent the VIRUS from adhering to the cell membrane, so here it is, the brief scientific explanation of why it's not only effective against bacteria but, made the right way, also against VIRUSES. Colloidal Silver is the wrong kind of silver to fight this virus... so, do the research. It's also claimed that Vitamin C can treat Ebola. Which one works faster, and which one is cheaper, etc... The main point to understand is that this whole Ebola Thing can be treated effectively, and NONE OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE TELLING THE PEOPLE THAT. I thought Governments first duty was the safety of the people they swore to serve... Even if Nanno Silver 10 ppm or Vitamin C was only 70% effective, ya' think some of these blackmailed puppets would have the balls to stand up and give a little hope... Apparently they value their comfort zones more than the health, wealfare or security of the citizenry... What a pitiful State Of What Used To Be A Union this Abyss has become... 

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